about me

I am a digital scholarship librarian, digital humanist, early modern historian, and open scholarship advocate.  And, this is my webspace. Occasionally, I’ll blog here, and you can also find me on Twitter.


In terms of librarianship, I’m interested in digital scholarship, especially digital humanities (DH), altmetrics, and open access. As a historian, my background is in early modern European and Atlantic history, but I lean toward intersections of crime, medicine, and religion. My current research projects include 1) a longitudinal analysis of DH conferences with Scott B. Weingart, 2) a public digital humanities website dedicated to oral histories of the Civil Rights movement in Starkville, Mississippi, 3) a scholarly communication analysis of Anthropology journals, 4) text analysis of “good deaths” of early modern England court records, and 5) many, many back-burner projects.